Is your work-related stress becoming a problem?


Take a few moments to answer these questions about stress in your life. When you get home, do you have trouble leaving work at work and just relaxing/engaging at home? Do you feel like you are constantly worrying about work? Are you experiencing problems with sleeping or eating that you [...]

Parental Role Models


I recently came across an all too accurate story on The Onion found here about parents modeling bad behavior to their children. The story portrays the father intentionally teaching his son how to overreact to minor annoyances in life with outbursts of anger and frustration. As with many Onion articles, [...]

Sleep, Anxiety, and Mental Health

2021-05-25T08:56:34-06:00Social Anxiety|

Substantial research indicates sleep has direct impacts on various aspects of health and mental health including learning, stress, and mood. It probably does not come as a surprise to people that when they get better sleep, they feel better the next morning. However, what may surprise some individuals is that [...]

Technology and Anxiety and Stress

2019-06-01T05:28:43-06:00Social Anxiety|

Preliminary research is coming out of Great Britain investigating the relationship between technology (smartphone use) and anxiety and stress.  Early reports suggest those individuals who use their smartphones more frequently also experience higher stress levels.  Clearly a cause-and-effect relationship cannot be concluded from such limited data; however, it does raise [...]

Moral Judgments and Behavior

2021-05-25T09:03:58-06:00Social Anxiety|

I came across an intriguing article on today reporting on research linking specific areas of the brain with moral judgments and behavior. As a behaviorist I am biased to think that most, if not all, behavior is under environmental control, but this then leaves open the question of 'why [...]

Values, Vulnerability, and Anxiety

2021-05-25T07:58:42-06:00Social Anxiety|

I was recently inspired by two different TED talks that speak to the importance and power of vulnerability and “coming out of our closets.” It is a staple of my practice to help individuals deal with difficult aspects of their lives, their relationships, and who they want to be. So [...]

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