Millennial Relationships

2021-05-25T08:01:13-06:00Social Anxiety|

Millennial Relationships Being a therapist who helps both individuals and couples develop, enhance, and strengthen their relationships, I was intrigued by a couple different articles a colleague sent to me that discussed the recent trend of young adults to delay getting married. Young adults seem to be prioritizing their careers, [...]

Overcoming Anxieties

2021-05-25T09:07:33-06:00Social Anxiety|

Overcoming Anxieties I am inspired to write this blog about overcoming anxiety after constantly seeing friends, family, acquaintances, clients, and at times, myself, caught up in a struggle with anxiety. What is anxiety after all? If you break it down, anxiety is really just a term used to describe a [...]

Exposure Therapy

2021-05-25T08:45:36-06:00Social Anxiety|

Exposure therapy and Psychotherapy’s so-called “image problem.” I am writing this in response to a New York Times op-ed piece that my father forwarded to me found here. The author reports that the number of people seeking psychotherapy alone is down 34% from 1998-2007, while the number of people seeking [...]

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