Specific Phobia

Is your anxiety related to some thing or situation in particular or some kind of phobia? Is there something in the world that you absolutely hate, fear, and avoid and escape from at all costs?

  • Flying
  • Animals – Dogs, Bees, Spiders, Snakes
  • Heights
  • Dark Spaces
  • Bridges
  • Elevators

And, more importantly, is it getting in the way of something meaningful in your life? If so, it might be helpful to seek treatment for your specific phobia.

Treatment for Specific Phobias

Many people fear things such as spiders, snakes, sharks and flying. If your fear of spiders makes you jump when you see one, and then your partner comes over and kills it, and then you feel better, then this is probably not something that is impacting your life in a significant way. However, if your anxiety about flying, snakes, spiders or sharks is keeping you from participating in activities that you would otherwise find pleasurable or meaningful, such as traveling, visiting friends, camping, swimming, going to the beach etc., then it might be time to overcome your phobia.

Fortunately, there is an evidence-based treatment called exposure therapy that has been proven to be successful across several research studies. You don’t have to live your life in fear! Treatment for phobias is efficient and you will begin to see the benefits very quickly. Read more under “My Approach” for a more complete description of how this works and call or email today for a free consultation!

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