Overcoming Social Anxiety Therapy Group

Group Therapy for Social Anxiety

Group therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for social anxiety and shyness. The benefits of group therapy include:

  • Practice new skills and confront anxiety with actual participants in the group
  • Gain support and learn from fellow group members
  • Hold and be held accountable by fellow group members on behavioral exercises and homework assignments
  • Normalize the anxiety of racing thoughts by sharing with peers and learning new ways to manage
  • Try out new ideas and behaviors for overcoming social anxiety
  • Work with a group toward a common goal of developing social confidence

What else should I know about Group Therapy for Overcoming Social Anxiety?

Therapy groups are up and running now! We meet once a month for 1.5 hours on Wednesdays from 6-730 pm. The cost of each session is $30/person. It is asked that you let the group know your intentions of sticking with the group after the initial session in order to maximize group cohesiveness and effectiveness of treatment, but you will always have the option to leave the group at any time. Running the group in an ongoing manner allows the group members to have plenty of time to not only learn the skills necessary to overcome social anxiety, but more importantly, to have time to PRACTICE them both in session and between sessions. Contact Dr. Shanley if you are interested in joining the next session.

Group sessions will typically begin with a check-in and review of homework exercises (remember practice and repetition are the keys to overcoming anxiety). In every session there will be a new concept or skill taught and discussed. There will also be time for individuals to ask questions and talk about their experience and struggles with social anxiety. The goal is to make the group personal and meaningful to each member, while allowing the group to support and learn from one another. The group facilitator will constantly reinforce concepts and key elements to successfully overcoming social anxiety, and answer any and all questions as they come up. This is a therapy group, and as such, participation is completely voluntary, and all information discussed in group will be kept confidential.

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