Social Anxiety

Overcome Social Anxiety Now!

social anxiety treatmentSocial anxiety is a common form of anxiety that can affect people of all ages. Current estimates put the number of Americans struggling with Social Anxiety at 15 million, or nearly 7% of the population, and worse yet, more than one third of these individuals will suffer for 10 years before seeking any treatment for this!

Do Any of These Apply to You?

  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Nervous in social situations
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Anxiety about being judged
  • Difficulty making small talk or knowing what to say
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Anxiety about being vulnerable
  • Worried about embarrassing yourself
  • Nervous about conversations with your boss or coworkers

If you find yourself being overly pre-occupied with worrisome thoughts and nerves in social situations, and/or you find yourself constantly avoiding or escaping from social situations, it might be helpful for you to seek treatment for Social Anxiety. As with the other forms of anxiety, social anxiety is a completely treatable condition where you can learn and practice tools to help you conquer your anxiety and start living the life you want with the relationships you always knew you were capable of having!

Listen to Dr David Shanley on BYU Radio – 7 Ways to overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

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Overcoming Social Anxiety Therapy Group

Group therapy is another effective method for overcoming shyness and social anxiety.  Dr. Shanley runs a social anxiety therapy group called “Overcoming Social Anxiety” (day and time to be determined). Contact him directly to get involved with this group, and learn how group treatment can help you build social confidence.

What does treatment for Social Anxiety look like?

  • Practicing social situations with friends, strangers, and at work
  • Learning skills for conversation, body language, and communication
  • Managing anxious thoughts more effectively
  • Practicing staying present in the moment
  • Identifying and going after the relationships you want

Why won’t my Social Anxiety go away?

Like other types of anxiety, Social Anxiety is also maintained over time due to some kind of attempts at escape and avoidance of the people, things, and situations that cause anxiety. For example, a person with Social Anxiety might decide to force himself to go to a party even when it makes him feel anxious. However, in order to minimize his anxiety, the person drinks alcohol, plans conversations, and avoids starting conversations with anyone he does not know.

In this case, the person is not actually approaching his anxiety because he is using alcohol and other situational factors to control or avoid the feelings of anxiety. Thus, over time, the anxiety will continue to disrupt this person’s life until he learns new ways to cope with his Social Anxiety. Read more under “My Approach” for a more complete description of how this works and call or email today for a free consultation!

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