Recently I was requested to be a guest speaker on a podcast discussing strategies for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. I would like to thank the hosts of “Shellbreakers,” for having me on their show. We had a great discussion about the nature of shyness and social anxiety, how it looks different in different people, and how to help people challenge their anxiety and go after the life and social life they want. Click on the player link below to listen to the full audio.

By no means was this interview exhaustive of all the information about social anxiety and shyness. For such a difficult and often debilitating disorder, it can be helpful to seek out more information in books, online, or from a therapist, or click here to read more about it on this website. Both individual and group therapy can provide the space for individuals to focus on their own particular needs and struggles, and learn strategies to cope with anxiety. Contact Dr. Shanley today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.