Spring forward with your life

Spring is here and with it comes the opportunity for new hope, new beginnings, and new activities. Perhaps you have been feeling some seasonal depression from the gloomy winter, or some anxiety about the stress of the holidays or the new year. Or maybe you are just feeling kind of [...]

A different kind of new year’s resolution

Tired of making new year’s resolutions that you don’t stick to? Does it seem like every year you are coming up with the same things, and realizing you haven’t made any progress? If this is the case, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans make resolutions every January 1, and very [...]

5 Reasons to get outside this Summer

5 Reasons to get outside this Summer We’re now a month into Summer, and are you getting outside as much as you would like to? Here are some reasons why it’s worth putting that effort in and following through on some activities, not just talking about it. 1. Improve [...]

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