Overcoming your fear of rejection

2021-05-25T08:10:27-06:00self doubt, Social Anxiety|

It's time to get good at getting rejected! What? That sounds like a terrible idea! If you’re like millions of Americans struggling with social anxiety, then you are probably thinking that there is no way you want to get good at getting rejected. The whole point is to avoid getting reject, [...]

Sleep, Anxiety, and Mental Health

2021-05-25T08:56:34-06:00Social Anxiety|

Substantial research indicates sleep has direct impacts on various aspects of health and mental health including learning, stress, and mood. It probably does not come as a surprise to people that when they get better sleep, they feel better the next morning. However, what may surprise some individuals is that [...]

Technology and Anxiety and Stress

2019-06-01T05:28:43-06:00Social Anxiety|

Preliminary research is coming out of Great Britain investigating the relationship between technology (smartphone use) and anxiety and stress.  Early reports suggest those individuals who use their smartphones more frequently also experience higher stress levels.  Clearly a cause-and-effect relationship cannot be concluded from such limited data; however, it does raise [...]

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